Greenhouse Academy Review

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The Greenhouse Academy is about students at an elite Southern California school. This private boarding school is for gifted future leaders. The Greenhouse must work together to conquer challenges after uncovering an evil plot.

The houses are split between two groups; The Eagles and The Ravens. This show has 14 outstanding characters who play their roles very well. They compete in competitions, whoever wins gets a “surprise.” Although, it is all fun in games, these teams soon reunite as one to help discover the sad truth that had be deliberately covered up by an unexpected ally.

Ryan Woods, scientist, astronaut, and mother of the two children Hayley and Alex, was tragically killed in a rocket explosion which was meant to go to the moon…but was it an accident? There are a lot of situations that Hayley and Alex go through in the Greenhouse. Of course, being on separate teams makes it a little harder at first, but soon brings them closer together.