The Star of All Shows

The Star of All Shows


December 14th, 2016,  an American drama series aired on Hulu called Star.

The show is about a young woman named Star who was put into the foster care system, along-but apart from her sister, Simone, and how she fights to pursue her dreams. Star’s commitment to the path of fame, determination to find her sister, and best friend, Alexandra, gets tough, but eventually the trio make their way to Atlanta. Once there, they confine in a mother figure, Carlotta, and discover that their ambitions do come with prices, and some may be too high.

The group faces multiple troubles in their relationships with each other and with their past coming back to haunt them The path becomes very difficult, but soon they begin their journey as professional R&B/Pop artists and learn that the music industry is hard to navigate, but with what they sacrifice to stay on top and relevant while they tour with the labels’ other artist it brings them to a constant war with each other.

What drew me most into this show was the determination behind the main character to pursue her dreams as well as her attitude. She is beautiful, smart, and very talented, but also knows her place- and will make sure you do too. The characters are all so real, each with unique backgrounds that keep you tuned into the show. Something new and exciting is always happening. From hit singles to hit and runs, this show brings all the drama onto your screen and keeps you waiting for what is next.

This is definitely a show to watch if you like drama or any kind of real life situation series.

(This show is not available on Netflix

is available on Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Itunes, Google Play,  and Vudu )