7 dead in two Tennessee homes


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Early Sunday Michael Cummins was in custody as a suspect in the murder of 7 people in 2 Tennessee homes. They recovered 4 bodies in the first address, near the town of Westmoreland. Later on, they recovered 2 more bodies in that same address, as well as finding a critically injured victim there. They found 1 more victim at a location in Summer County.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says Cummins was detained in what is believed to be related homicides. He was initially considered to be a person of interest, but investigators now say they’re treating him as a suspect.

A SWAT team traced him back to a creek bed one mile away from the first crime scene. The SWAT team was deployed and at least one officer fired his weapon during the arrest.

What the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is now trying to do is identify the victims. They are also trying to figure out a possible motive behind the deaths and why he chose the victims.

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