Best Nails for Prom


Prom is coming up soon and girls need to start thinking about their glam. Nails is one of the most important factors for looking good at prom. Every girl wants her nails to look great with her dress and shoes! So start looking at what type of nails you want! Here are some of the most popular nail salons locally and their prices.

Nails art- $33 basic polish and $40 shellac (270-761-6245)

Lovely Nails- gel $35 for basic colors and shellac $46 (270-247-3020)

Great Ambitions- shellac $18, Acrylics $25 , Dip $20, Shellac polish $10,  pedicure $17, manicure $8 (270-247-1530)

Nail Spa- Shellac french $40, Acrylic $30, Dip $43, pedicure $30 (270-247-1040)

Girls, start booking your appointments now! They are all getting booked fast.