Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral burns down from suspected electrical fire


-Photo from AP News


On Monday, April 15th, the Notre Dame Cathedral burned down from a supposed electrical fire. The fire started at 6:50 P.M CEST just beneath the roof of the 856-year-old French cathedral and the flames weren’t extinguished until early the next morning.

Investigators so far believe the fire was accidental, but are questioning both cathedral staff and workers who were carrying out renovations. Specifically, the fire is believed to have started from an electrical short circuit.

Additionally, over 1 Billion dollars have been pledged to help rebuild the iconic attraction in Paris by people such as French billionaires Bernard Arnault, who pledged 200 million euros (226 million U.S. Dollars), and François-Henri Pinault, whose family net-worth is worth $35.1 Billion.