Graves County IS in session March 15


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If you haven’t heard, school will be in session on Friday, March 15th.

A previously scheduled Teacher Work Day, the 15th will now be a regular school day, with students and staff having varying opinions on the rescheduled day.

Seniors are mostly glad that this make-up day will keep graduation from being delayed, but some aren’t as thrilled as the rest.

Senior Cameron Gough said he was really looking forward to the three-day-weekend, “but I know that if we didn’t make this day up, then we would graduate later. I have big plans this summer, so it all works out!”

However, some teachers are disappointed to lose a work day. One teacher became Google Certified through the school, and as a reward, was originally not required to attend the work day on March 15th. Now that it’s a makeup day, they said, “I’m kind of upset that it’s a makeup day, but at the end of the year, it’ll all be okay.”

Remember to show up on March 15th, and prepare to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit for the weekend!

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