A Smile as Sweet as Spring


As the sun begins to stay up longer, you’ll notice the flowers blooming with the sound of birds chirping with joy. The coldness and bitterness of winter is coming to an end, and soon enough, summer will be here. The warmth of the sun, but the chilly wind makes spring interesting.

Spring isn’t my favorite season, but I do like watching the flowers bloom. What I love about spring is when the sun stays up a bit longer so you can watch the sun set and see all of the beautiful shades of color in the sky, all blended together like a painting.

I love taking pictures of nature, sun sets being my favorite thing to capture, as well as all of the pretty flowers. With spring, there’s rain, and a lot of it. I like rain, it helps me sleep and hearing the rain relaxes my mind, but I don’t like that it makes my hair frizzy.

There’s also fun activities to do in spring. You can start your garden, whether it includes vegetables or flowers. I love that part about spring. My mom and I always go to Lowe’s and get new flower pots, soil, and a bunch of flower seeds. There’s also the Easter Egg Hunts, which I loved when I was young enough to do that.

Spring isn’t too bad, it’s the start of warm weather and fun activities you can’t do in the winter. My favorite part about spring, above everything else, is being able to have my morning coffee outside on the picnic table with my mom and dog and not dread it. The gloomy days are over, with happiness in the air.