Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for your Guy


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Valentine’s Day is nearing and, let’s be honest, guys have it easier when it comes to gift getting. For a girl, buy her some candy, or some flowers, or even write her a cute note. Easy. But what do guys want? I took matters into my own hand to make this year a little easier for y’all and made a Gentleman’s Gift Guide.

  1. Take him out! It’s always expected of the guy to plan dates and take out the girl, swap roles for a night! Take him out somewhere nice, pay for his meal.
  2. An engraved keychain. Boys always seem to be carrying their keys around with them, having a keychain with a cute note engraved on it would be a perfect, constant reminder of his significant other.
  3. Cologne. Not only is this a good gift for him, but you’ll benefit from this as well. There’s not much better than hugging your good-smelling boyfriend.
  4. A picture frame with your favorite photo together. This is something simple and perfect for this holiday, a sweet reminder for him to keep next to his bed, on his desk, or wherever.
  5. Candy. That’s right, it really can be that easy. Get him a bag of his favorite candies, it doesn’t have to be some grand gesture.

Love is in the air! Happy Valentine’s Day, GC!

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