Mega Opportunities at MEGA GYM!

Come Experience These MEGA Opportunities!

Come Experience These MEGA Opportunities!


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The all new Mega Gym located in Mayfield, KY has finally opened!

The gym holds multiple selections of different ways to enjoy the gym. Whilst sparking the imagination of mind and body fitness, one could enjoy the state of the art cardio theater to make all the sweat and tears something of ease. There are sessions where one could come in and train with personal trainers. If you’re looking for a way to relax instead of getting them gains, the gym offers a tanning section along with hydro massage beds.

On top of being the biggest of all its locations, Mega Gym is a “judgement free” zone. As most gyms have the giant  mirrors on the wall all around, Mega Gym does not. They offer FREE weights and training and the tanning bed come with a 25% discount if you’re a member of their family.

The location is great for the ones looking to get the epics gains or even locals that just wanna get their steps in for the day. There is a place for everyone there! From the Kids’ Club to the tanning beds; it wont be hard to find where you succeed best.

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