Happy House, A Local Favorite

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Happy House, A Local Favorite


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Happy House is a locally owned Mayfield favorite. Pauline Russleburg, owner of Happy House,  described the history of  the restaurant: “Mr. Howard D. Happy, (who also owned Happy House Printing) built this house in 1937 for his bride, next to his parents house, and they were always entertaining guests; so they decided to name their place just what it is today, The Happy House.”

Pauline first expresses that her favorite part about serving is “doing things for the children, such as tea parties with their mothers and grandmothers.” 

Her favorite dish to prepare, aside from her desserts, is “fried chicken, you just can’t beat good ole fried chicken.”

Dishes typically served at Happy House would be the “Happy House chicken salad and potato soup, or the more popular during the summer choice, Hawaiian chicken salad.”

But it doesn’t stop here in Mayfield, Pauline has done some traveling pursuing this career. ” I’ve done lots of weddings and parties outside of Kentucky. We have catered as far as Texas and Memphis.”

Pauline is determined to keep the Happy House operating for as long as possible. She believes that what keeps her going is her “passion for cooking and serving people; it’s like a gift.”

“As long I’m able and feel like it is good for the community I will keep going.”

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