Behind The Scenes of Small Town Heroes

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Behind The Scenes of Small Town Heroes


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It’s certain that at least most, if not everyone, has a small plastic card in the depths of their wallet or purse. The one little plastic piece of infinite information and benefits. That’s right, a medical card.

As many actually don’t know, there are quite a bit of people who work behind those cards. Well… not literally, but more like behind computer screens, telephones, and a friendly smile.

Wesley Baldwin, a current customer advocate for Blue Cross Blue Shield, has and continues to serve up to 4.5 million people across the state.

“A one-second decision made by me or one of my colleagues could keep someone from receiving life saving medication or attention they need,” Baldwin stated. “If I don’t stay focused and do my job right, someone could miss out on life saving differences. But the thought of saving and helping lives makes it all worth while.”

Him and his peers are well known for the act of confirming and  quoting benefits and claims to their customers that seek to claim life insurance or the proper physician for their medical needs. They assist their customers through life with comfort by assuring that their finances will be compensated with no worry. On top of the reassurance,  the ones behind the scenes work their hardest to keep the hopes up of everyone involved.

So next time you have to pull out that piece of magic for whatever inconvenience one may cross, take time to thank the ones who make that card work.






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