Occupation Expectations




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Imagine being 16 applying for your first ever job, and anxiously waiting for a call back to schedule your interview. A bit nerve-wracking right? There are multiple ways to prepare mentally as well as physically for the interview that is bound to happen.

A local pharmacist at Mayfield CVS , Josh Frey, explains “If you’re ever going ANYWHERE for an interview, always try to organize your materials. It’s impressive to bring a resume for the interviewer to look at while you explain your pros and cons. It really shows how great your leadership skills and dedication really are toward the job you want.”

Aside from making sure you have the appropriate material for the interview, remember there are a few other things that stick out. For example, make sure to wear formal dress attire, and look approachable.

Frey continues, “It is always nice to have adequate hygiene. This means making sure your hair is brushed, along with your teeth and whatever else. You need to make sure you have a clean appearance, such as keeping shirts tucked in, closed toed shoes, along with many other professionally expected standards.”

Getting a job isn’t always easy, but try to follow these guidelines and don’t forget: just breathe.


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