Cold case reopened after 35 years.

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A 15 year old girl named Emanuela Orlandi went missing on May 7,1983. The case went cold and no one ever found out what really happened to her. She was on her way to a music lesson when she disappeared.There have been bones found at the Vatican’s Embassy to Italy. The bones have yet to have an autopsy done on them yet. The brother of Emanuela Orlandi believes that the pope knows what actually happened to his sister.

According to ” A document last year that had been stolen from a locked Vatican cabinet that suggested the Holy See had been involved in Orlandi’s disappearance. The Vatican immediately branded the document a fake, though it never explained what it was doing in the Vatican cabinet.”This discovery of the bones is not the only remains found. According to “as there was the remains  when forensic police exhumed the body of a reputed mobster from the crypt of a Roman basilica in hopes of finding Orlandi’s remains as well.” This shows that there have been other remains found near a crypt that the Vatican are in charge of.



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