YeeHaw! It’s Cowboy Day

Picture from Richard Horn

Picture from Richard Horn


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This week Graves County hosted Cowboy Day. It is an event that takes place at the Graves County Horse Barn. Each year, Richard Horn, Agriculture teacher, and his students host second-graders from all seven elementary schools for the event to introduce them to the joys of agriculture education.

I have personally spoke to Mr. Horn, he told me information about this AG Day event,”We will have groups from 8:30-11:00 and 12:00-2:00, both, Wednesday and Thursday.”

I also spoke to Clayton Story, one of the AG students, that is very helpful in this event, he said, “Cowboy Day is a fun day for second grade kids. We get to put them on horses and let them play games. It is sort of like an intro into AG. Just showing kids how fun it can be. I enjoy getting to show them how to do things with the animals, and getting to see them laugh and smile.”

Cowboy Day has been made out to be an enjoyable day for younger children. It is also a fun experience for the adults and teens that help out with this because they get to see all of the young-ins having a blast and getting to do things they might not always get to do. Parents, with young children, should let their child participate in these actions so they can have an amazing experience with our GCHS staff and students.

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