Band T-Shirts: Fan or Faux?


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Band T-shirts have become the popular trend in kids and adults whether it be old school rock or the newest R&B.

Recently, I was sitting at lunch and overheard two students arguing about the on-going trend. One was wearing a T-shirt featuring The Rolling Stones and was asked what her favorite song was by the said band and she was speechless. Since then, I haven’t been able to shake the conversation.

Back to the story before, as the girl stood speechless the guy received a blunt, “I don’t know. I’ve never listened to them…” I stood like a deer in headlights as I knew I had felt the same irritation and concern he did. As I heard him start to spout off content and song lyrics, I watched her slowly become overwhelmed as she stormed off.

So…is it okay to be wearing a band that you don’t listen to just for fashion?

Although, the shared feeling of fake fans is so prominent these days,  should it really be accepted we start to question..?



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