Apple released the long awaited new products of 2018

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Apple released the long awaited new products of 2018


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It’s that time of year again. Apple released new products on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Their agenda consisted of three new products for fall 2018.

The iPhone XS, a sequel of the iPhone X has an even better dual camera with adjustible depth perception, along with a larger retina screen than any apple product in the past. It utilizes the face ID with higher tech for low lighting and facial recognition than ever before.

The iPhone XR, yet another sequel to the iPhone X. This product utilizes a liquid retina screen, which is the most advanced LCD in the industry. The glass is stronger than any previous model, so say goodbye to a shattered iPhone. Like the XS, the camera has a breakthrough depth control and a revamped face ID system. This addition to the iPhone family has many new color options, similar to the iPod with metal backing and matte color of the buyers choice.

The final product for 2018 is a no brainer, the Apple Watch Series 4. Like the series three, this watch is waterproof and carries all the functions that apple watch owners know and love. This product includes a larger screen for easier access and a heart rate detector that notifies the user when their heart rate is too high or too low.

Apple has yet to disappoint, and pre-orders start Friday, September 14th for the new phones and watch.

They will be available for purchase and shipped out on September 21st.

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