Rush Week Madness

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Rush Week Madness


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September 4th-7th GCHS will be hosting their annual “Rush Week” to advertise their variety of clubs that the school has to offer. This event will be held in the P.E during student lunches, giving them the time to walk around to each booth and encourage them to get involved within the school.

During rush week, club officers set up multiple booths and encourage students to join these clubs. Normally if a student signs up during this time they are given a discount on their enrollment fees ($5-$10)

Clubs, such as FCCLA, are organized and ran by the members of the program.

“The whole point of our program is for individuals to work on leading and communicating with others about family and future career skills,” said Mrs. Makayla Thomas, FCCLA sponsor. “We recently decided to allow our students to plan our activities, and booth. We thought this was a great way for them to promote our club and advance their leadership skills in an engaging way.”

Other organizations, such as JROTC, also set up booths to recruit new members.

“You have to be enrolled in our actual class course to be apart of the program, you can not just come and sign up as you please,” explained Sergeant Kernodle. “We let our students set up the booth to encourage underclassmen to join the program for future years though, its been nothing but beneficial to our program and we hope to see many people join the next school year.”


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