GCHS Library hosts Let’s Read Week

GCHS Library hosts Lets Read Week

The GCHS Library hosted Let’s Read Week April 11-15th, a weeklong event that celebrates reading and reignites the love of books in students.

During Let’s Read Week, every student and staff has the opportunity to visit the library and choose one [new] free book to keep. During this week, teachers are encouraged to incorporate independent reading in their classes each day.

“It benefits everybody,” said Librarian Ashley Archer.  “It’s a way to encourage literacy in students and get teachers and students talking stepping into somebody else’s shoes and understanding what their going through and it provides imagery and a sense of exploration.”

Prior to this week, Mrs. Archer works tirelessly to prepare by researching and ordering from surplus vendors and decorating the library. Student choice is a known strategy to engage students in learning, and Let’s Read Week emphasizes this through offering a wide selection of books such as cooking, fantasy, self-help, mystery, sports, history, romance, etc.

Several teachers took Let’s Read Week as an opportunity to incorporate the books students chose into daily lessons. Teachers asked students to share what they were reading on social media and engage with their chosen novels in a variety of ways.

In Mrs. Parrish’s AP Lang, students created Novel-ty Easter Eggs: “Students decorated their eggs with symbols and illustrations to depict elements of the stories in their books,” she explained.