National Agriculture Day Field Trip


Caleb McClure, FFA secretary, represented GCHS during the new greenhouse opening at Discover Park of America

Graves County High School FFA students went on a field trip to Discovery Park of America to celebrate National Agriculture Day on March 22nd.

The students were required to write a two and a half page essays discussing why they wanted to attend the trip and learn more about National Ag. Day.

According to Mr. Howard, a GCHS Ag. teacher, ” Students were given the opportunity to network with agricultural Tennessee businesses.”

Students were presented with a ton of outside learning opportunities, and kids who had never seen the park got to experience all Discovery Park has to offer as well as the new green house add on.

Sophomore Kerstin Moore stated, ” Learning about the new green house add on and going to see the animals were my favorite part of the trip.”

“Learning more about FFA was the main reason I wanted to attend, but seeing the Japanese garden was also a plus.” said senior Faith Paulin.